About Us

We’re a health IT company with over 15 years of experience dedicated to developing leading edge technology solutions to meet the demands of the modern day practice of medicine.

We recognize the reality of the rapidly evolving healthcare environment, and our solutions leverage emerging technologies for better healthcare at lower cost. Providing personalized service and solutions tailored to the needs of each medical specialty is at the core of our vision.

nAble is a Product of Nth Technologies.

Affordable Pricing

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No Setup Cost and No Contracts

nAble pricing is affordable and simple for practices of all sizes. Get started with no contract and every tool included. You never pay for upgrades, support, data migration*, or configuration ever again. Switching couldn’t be easier.

Key Medical Records Features

  • e-Prescription
  • Lab Interfaces
  • MU Dashboard
  • Upgrades / Backups
  • Patient Analytics
  • Full Mobile EMR

Add Seamless Practice Management to Your EMR

Key Features Included:

  • Automatic Claims Submission
  • Automatic Eligibility Verification
  • 24x7 Access
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Receive and Send Faxes

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Please contact us for additional details. We’re happy to discuss your needs and answer all your questions. You can reach us through chat, email or calling 877-290-2536 and we can provide a pricing proposal tailored to your practice and your requirements.

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nAble Apps

A New Level of Usability

Designed for physicians, nurses, and patients—nAble apps are specialty specific with intuitive and easy to master user interfaces.

Mobile EMR

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Think beyond the laptop

With nAble Mobile EMR,
designed for your specialty, you
can chart patients, view images,
order labs and prescriptions and
much more, right from your fingertips.

  • Specialty specific
  • Designed for clinical workflow
  • Complete EMR with templates
  • ACOG format flowsheet
  • Labs and ePrescriptions
  • Faxes, images, and messaging

nAble EMR

Doctors & Nurses

With customizable templates and role-specific workflows, nAble Mobile EMR is easy to learn and perfectly integrated with your practice.

Comprehensive EMR

nAble Mobile EMR is a complete EMR, for total patient care. Everything you need to do while seeing a patient is at your fingertips.

Exam Room Friendly

Take advantage of the mobility and freedom of nAble Mobile EMR in the exam room. Chart encounters, show images, order labs and much more.

Lite EMR

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nAble OnCall

Order from your phone

nAble Lite EMR puts your records in your hands. View patient history and vitals, document your notes and make a treatment plan.

    You can:

  • Record and view vitals
  • View patient history
  • View alerts, allergies, and medications
  • Create a treatment plan
  • Add quick notes on the side

View your Daily Schedule

Your schedule in your pocket, in and out of the office.  You're free to practice anywhere, anytime!

Document from your Phone

Add vitals, record complaints, and write notes. You can document everything you need to treat your patients.

Create Treatment Plans

Create initial plans straight from your iPhone or iPad and order labs, prescriptions, procedures and more.

nAble Assist

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Manage from anywhere

nAble Assist is your personal assistant on the go. View your  schedule, set up a to-do list, manage your practice and more.

  • View your daily appointments
  • Make a to-do list
  • Create practice reports
  • Send and receive clinic and patient messages
  • Review labs and renew prescriptions
Quick ICD 10

Manage your Practice Anywhere

Keeping your practice running is now a breeze. You can create reports, stay in touch with patients, and manage daily tasks.

Keep your Office on Task

Review financial reports and keep track of your clinic's productivity with ease. You can message your staff and keep everything in check.

Review Patient Charts

Search any patient and quick review their care. You can renew their prescriptions and review and annotate their labs.

nAble Health

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nAble Health

Engage your patients

With nAble Health Patient Portal your never miss an opportunity to grow your practice. Your patients can schedule appointments, ask for prescription refills, send messages, and view encounter summaries and labs.

    Patients can:

  • Make and change appointments
  • Request prescription refills
  • Request referrals to specialists
  • Engage your practice with messaging
  • Review and discuss encounter summaries, vitals, and lab results
  • Update contact and insurance info, and view their balance

Empower Your Patients

nAble Portal is designed to empower your patients, allowing you to engage them in a full wellness plan.

Make Patient Appointments

Using our integrated nAble Portal app, your patients can request and make appointments with ease.

Patients Rx Refills Requests

Take the burden off your practice with easy patient prescription refill requests sent through the nAble Patient Portal app.

nAble Kiosk

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Speed up your check-ins

Your front desk is your front line, so why not give it the most powerful tools available? With nAble Kiosk, you can ensure fast check-ins, clear consent forms, less errors, all with a professional front.

  • Your clinic name on login
  • Scan your consent and privacy
  • Customized questions and inputs
  • Direct integration with EMR
  • Intuitive touch and review interface
  • Take pictures of insurance cards
nAble Kiosk

Designed for Your Front Desk

Take your front desk to the next level with the most intuitive and customizable kiosk on the market. Make your first impression professional.

Integrated With Your EMR

Customize your history and clinic questions and integrate them with your EMR, so you can accurately and quickly record all patient information.

Patient Friendly Design

Put your patients first, with the intuitive and friendly design of nAble Kiosk. Spend less time and make less mistakes with easy inputs and a clear check-in flow.

nAble OnCall

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nAble OnCall

Manage your call schedule

nAble OnCall makes it easy to manage your call groups from your mobile device.  Quickly invite members, edit your preferences, share schedules and more.

    You can:

  • Create multiple call groups
  • Invite physicians and more
  • Mark your preferences and requests
  • Message multiple members
  • Share your schedule through email

Create Call Schedules

nAble OnCall lets you manage your groups and create and manage your call coverage schedules.

View Call Preferences

Every member can enter preferences, view the call schedule, and message and swap coverage.

Share Your Schedules

Quickly share with member and more, both in and out of the group, by email and pdf.

Quick ICD 10

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Prepare for ICD-10

Are you ready for the transition to ICD-10?  With nAble Quick ICD 10 you can search and convert ICD-9 codes to ICD-10 and vice versa, and share your most used codes on the fly.

  • Search both ICD-9 and ICD-10
  • Quickly convert your codes
  • View short and long descriptions
  • Mark your favorite codes
  • Share your codes by email or pdf
Quick ICD 10

Designed for Quick Searches

Search by code or description straight from your phone; ICD-10 doesn't mean you should stop running your practice and billing your patients.

Share your Favorite Codes

With one touch favorites and quick sharing by both print and email, you can get your clinic ready for ICD-10 and hit the ground running.

Everybody-Friendly Design

Function and form, Quick ICD-10 is designed to be pretty, functional, and quick. Don't lose a minute of your busy day and get started billing right away.